Don’t let the costs of a steel roof take you by surprise. If the last time you had a roof installed it was a different material, then you likely paid a little less. That’s okay because you can still get that steel roof at a discount. You are going to be able to see using a steel roof calculator just what the total costs would be. Then you can make a final decision about whether or not you want to go with that steel roof after all.


So what is the cost of one of these roofs going to look like. One of the ways people like to look at the costs is buy knowing the average cost per square foot. That always helps because each house is a different size. That makes it a little difficult to estimate a national average for roof installation and make it work for everyone.

Be Careful While Talking About Types Of Roof Materials

However, when you look at the costs for a roof on a square footage basis, you see that steel typically costs from $120 to $400. That’s still quite a price range when you start adding up the numbers, so what’s the deal. There are different types of steel, including corrugate steel panels, steel shingles and stone coated steel. Furthermore, when someone talks about metal roofing, there are other choices besides just steel.


So keep in mind that if you want a steel roof, say steel not metal when talking to the roofing company or specialists and determine your roofing square total – on the ground. Also, think about what type of steel you want. The corrugated steel panels are going to be the cheapest, but you might want one of the other choices for your home. It all depends on what you are looking for, but once you decide on a type of steel, a clearer average for the costs comes into play. You can then easily use a steel roofing calculator to get your estimate.