The Division of the Colorado Real Estate secures the purchaser through authorizing, controlling and implementation of authorized and land experts in Colorado. The mission of Colorado Real Estate Commission is to make a harmony between the shopper assurance and the business needs of an authorized proficient. They have strived to fulfill the adjust by streamlining the administrative prerequisites for the licensee and giving.

The Real Estate Commission has a five-part commission who meets twice a month to direct administer making hearings, settle on strategy choices, consider permitting matters, survey dissensions, take disciplinary activities against land merchants. Among the five individuals from the Commission, three of them are land intermediaries, one is a specialist in the territory of subdivisions and the other one is an individual from people in general.

The Colorado Real Estate is helped by the Board and Commissions that has given the review of various enterprises and callings. Executive Director’s Office: It is combined with the administrative, operational, and performance functions of the Department of Regulatory Agency divisions, thus the office manages special projects and has the initiative to work on the preservation of the integrity of the marketplace and promote a fair and competitive business environment in Colorado.

Division of Banking by the Department of Regulatory Agency ensures general society premium and jelly the general population confide in the Colorado managing an account industry by controlling the matter of state-contracted business banks and put stock in organizations, state-authorized cash transmitters and the implementation of the Public Deposit Protection Act.

Colorado Civil Rights Division: It is charged with the enforcement of the State’s discrimination laws in the areas of employment, housing, and public accommodations. Through investigation, education, mediation, and enforcement it eliminates and prevents the discrimination.

Division of Financial Services: Protects the consumer by regulating and supervising a state-chartered Credit Unions and Savings and Loan Associations, administering and enforcing the Savings and Loan Public Deposit Protection Act, and financial activities of life care institutions.

Division of Insurance: Regulates the insurance industry, helps consumers that are seeking for answers, investigate the complaints, and helps them understand the importance of their insurance.

Division of Professions and Occupations: has provided consumer protection through the regulation of licensees within more than 50 professions, occupations, and entities in the State of Colorado.

Division of Real Estate: Protects the consumer through licensing, regulation and enforcement of licensed real estate professionals in Colorado. It tries to balance the consumer protection and to be a licensed professional.

Division of Securities: To protect investors and maintain the confidence in the security market, while licensing security professionals. enforcing security law violation.

Colorado Office of Policy, Research, and Regulatory Reform: Reviews the proposed regulatory programs to determine if it is needed, reviews the existing programs and functions of government to ensure if it is necessary, fair, efficient and effective. This reform regulates a wide variation of professions, occupations and businesses to support a fair marketplace and to protect the consumers.

Public Utilities Commission: This division has the full or partial regulation power and authority.