A commission is a fee charged by a broker or agent for the service he facilitated, the Georgia Real Estate Commission has set of rules to protect the consumer and not to abuse the commission rate, a certain qualification and skills must be embodied to enforce the law.

Real Estate licensees and appraisers who are professionally qualified are ensured by the Georgia Real Estate Commission and Appraisers Board. Hence, they promote a fair and honest market to those who are involved in real estate transactions throughout the state.

As part of the regulatory body, the Georgia Real Estate Commission has a role in protecting the consumers and not the industry or profession it regulates. To protect the public interest means to assure the individual’s right to justice and equal opportunity. They eliminate barriers that limit their field of practice, they refuse to use licenses or registration laws in settling private disputes and in advancing the interest of the private trade association, they encourage free and open markets. These are the reasons why the public interest demands that the regulators use their best efforts to achieve impartiality.

The members and the staff of Georgia Real Estate Commission must embody these skills and qualifications to enforce the laws fairly and impartially.

  • understand the attitudes and actions of both consumers and licensees in brokerage transactions and in their relationship with the Commission while relying on their experience as consumers and licensees to provide background for this understanding and to render fair and impartial treatment;
  • make judgments and reach conclusions only after careful review of all relevant facts and opinions regarding allegations of wrongdoing and recommend modifications to the existing laws or new laws or regulations;
  • supervise and administer the regulatory and disciplinary powers of the license law to provide that licensees and the public receive due process rights;
  • generate rules and regulations that are reasonable, within the limits of the legislative law, and economically feasible to administer and enforce;
  • communicate with licensees and the public to assure the appropriate dissemination of the laws and to obtain opinions and concerns regarding the nature and content of the laws;
  • develop policies and procedures that are administratively feasible and not unduly burdensome to the public and licensees;
  • respect and consider all opinions and views concerning the nature of the laws and their administration;
  • express opinions on matters of conscience and policy in appropriate forums;
  • and cooperate with their colleagues in the real estate community to improve the level of professionalism and knowledge concerning the nature and transaction of real property.

A Georgia Property Management has to have a Real Estate Broker License since renting and leasing is a key component of property management. A real estate license is required to execute services such as referring prospective tenants, leasing; physical, administrative, or financial maintenance; and overall management of real property; or supervision of the foregoing activities for another pursuant to a property management agreement.