Searching for and finding deals on commercial real estate doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Many people will start with a local real estate company. If you are in Cincinnati, Columbus, or even Cleveland Ohio, you know that there are many realtors that are offering commercial buildings and structures that you may be able to purchase or even lease. To find the best deals, it begins with comparing all of the different properties that you can find. You will want to contact multiple realtors to see what they have listed. You can also check the MLS listings and try to evaluate this on your own. However, to save yourself time, here are the best ways to get great deals on commercial real estate that is currently offered in Dayton Ohio.

Where To Find Commercial Real Estate In Dayton

The two most popular ways of locating Commercial Real Estate that is offered in Dayton is to contact a realtor that is offering commercial real estate, or you can start looking at the classifieds. The classifieds could be the printed version in papers that you can purchase around the city, or you can simply go on the Internet to find them. There is actually another option that you may want to consider. There are websites that showcase commercial real estate that may represent a conglomeration of all of the realtors in the listings that have been presented. These can be recent, as well as those that have been on the market for some time. You may want to contact those that have been on the market for several months in order to make them a deal so that they can finally sell the commercial property that they own.

How To Negotiate The Best Deal

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To negotiate the best deal, you need to have a little bit of information that can put you added advantage. For example, if you know that they have listed the property for several months, or even over a year, this is how you will be able to make a discounted offer. You will also know that they will be more open to this if they are desperate to sell the property. They might be trying to buy another property in the Dayton area which cannot go through without the sale of this one. They may be willing to work a deal just to have it go through, and escrow can close very quickly if they are motivated.

How Many Realtors Should You Contact?

The number of realtors that you should contact should be everyone that you can find. You will eventually limit this down to the ones that have the best deals. You should also consider limiting this based upon the reputation of that real estate office. If they are known for closing deals very quickly if the offer is right, then you should consider working with the top realtor that is at that company.

Finding commercial real estate in Dayton is going to be very easy if you use these suggestions. You will be able to access the best deals possible once you know a little bit more about the sellers. By going to all of the different real estate websites and finding out which properties have been listed for the longest time, this will give you negotiating power and you will soon have your very own piece of commercial real estate in the Dayton area that you can use for your company. Best of all, this can be done very quickly if you find the right seller that is desperate to sell their property. It will be a win-win scenario for everyone involved including the realtor, the seller, and your business.