My wife and I have currently been looking into getting a new home in Cincinnati. We plan on getting a new home because we are expecting twins within the next nine months. We would like the home that has at least four bedrooms because we would love the extra space. The main things that we want are a playroom, an office, and a room for our two expecting children. We have been looking through the local Cincinnati home listings to find a home that fits our needs.

Best Home Listing Web Sites For Home Shopping

One of the best home listing websites that I like to use is a The main reason I like this website is because they have multiple pictures that you can view of the home. I also like that they have the targeted areas that you want to view. They also have the pricing of the home and the closing prices of it in the past. That information is very helpful because I can determine how much I should be spending on the home.

Zillow is pretty easy to use and all you have to do is type in your preferences and they’ll give you the listings of the homes that fit your qualifications.

The way my wife and I found out about Zillow was by doing a simple search on Google. All we had to do was type “Cincinnati home listings” and Google showed us the top results for websites that have home listings in the area. There are other great websites that have home listings as well that we use every once in a while.

Another great website to use is This is another trusted website that has home listings and they also give you references to local real estate agents in Cincinnati. We actually found a real estate agent from using this website. They turned out to be one of the best real estate agents that we have ever hired. We plan on using him as well to sell our home. If you ever need to find a real estate agent be sure to check out

The nice thing about looking at home listings is that you will get a good idea of what each home is like before you see them in person. You can also determine from the pictures if it is a home that you would be interested in, which is a huge time saver. In the beginning, when I was doing my home searching, I used to waste a lot of time because I did not look at the local homeless teens online. I only used to look in the paper and they don’t have many photos.


If you plan on looking for a new home in Cincinnati be sure to look at the online home listings. The home listings online are a great way to figure out if you are interested in a home or not, due to all the photos you can view. Zillow and Realtor are two of the best sites for local home listing, so be sure to check them out.  For more information, visit