Miami, which is tagged as the Capital of Latin America, is a seaport city state in Florida. The Port of Miami has been entitled as the Cruise Capital of the World for decades already. It houses several large cruise ships in the world, enormous passenger ships, business vessels and a lot more ship operations. It has been one of the busiest ports in the whole world. The City of Miami also provides lots of beach towns that attract tourists most especially during the spring break. The Townhouse Hotel, Catalina Hotel, Albion, Clevelander Hotel and Congress Hotel South Beach are just some of the best spring break hotels in the City of Miami. Economically speaking, the City of Miami is also one of the notable cities in the United States of America. They offer some of the best and luxurious homes and condominium units in the United States of America. As of May 2017, the City of Miami set a new record in home sales. They ended the month of May with a magnificent increase of 9.9 percent, which is 1,344 transactions, in the number of sold single-family homes versus the same month last year, 2016. It also tops its record back in the year 2015 in the same month of May with just having a total of 1,276 transactions. Their mid-market homes also had a dramatic increase of 27.9 percent in the number of transactions within the price range of 200,000 – 600,000 dollars. Thanks to their excellent Real Estate agents that they are able to put up such good numbers in the field of business and trade. As of June 2017, the Miami Florida Real Estate agents have an average salary of 83,416 dollars per year, which is 16% more than the national average.

To be a Real Estate agent in Miami, we can follow these 6 easy steps.

  1. An applicant should be at least 18 years old, who finished high school and is a valid owner of a Social Security card in United States. You can be a resident or non-resident of Miami, Florida to qualify.
  2. Finished your pre-licensing schooling that consists of 63 school hours at the Florida Real Estate Commission. You can also get the courses online and should also consist of 63 hours of education.
  3. Submit an application form to the Florida Real Estate Commission that contains your scanned fingerprint.
  4. Be able to acquire a passing grade of at least 75 percent in the licensure exam given by the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate. But if you fail, you should wait for 24 hours to schedule a new examination.
  5. Employ to a licensed Real Estate broker to activate your license as a Real Estate agent.
  6. Begin and finish your post-licensing schooling that comprises 45 school hours at the Florida Real Estate Commission.

After completing your journey in being a licensed Real Estate agent in Miami Florida, you can now do proceed to become a licensed Real Estate broker. With that, schooling is needed that comprises of 72 hours for Real Estate broker license.