Are you thinking about renting an apartment in Cincinnati because if you are, then consider using Craigslist. However, you don’t want to use the site without knowing about a few helpful tips.

Tips to help you search and find the best Craigslist Cincinnati apartments

1. Miles From Zip– Since Cincinnati has many apartments available to rent and Craigslist has plenty of listings, you want to be specific about the area you want to live in. In this case, you will want to enter Cincinnati’s zip code into the “miles from zip” section, and the miles should be no more than one. This is because you want to be shown only apartments in the city, so you don’t really want to go over a mile. However, feel free to leave this section blank, but you will be exposed to more properties if you specify at least a mile.

2. Search Listings With Only Images– Do not search for listings that have no photos because unfortunately there are listings on there that shouldn’t be or that are blatantly a scam. By searching for listings that have images, you can actually see what the apartments look like and you’ll have a better idea of whether or not you should consider renting them. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to view listings that have multiple images and not just a single. If you do find an apartment with only a photo or two, then contact the poster and ask them if there are other photos you can see.

Things You Should Search Online

3. Check Off Other Features– When searching for apartments or home for sale in Cincinnati, make sure to check off the other features you’d like, such as the minimum and maximum number of bedrooms you want the listings to have, as well as bathrooms and square-feet. Don’t forget to check off whether or not you want to view apartments that are pet-friendly, such as ones that allow dogs and/or cats. Furnished, smoking allowed and laundry options are other features you can check, and once you do, then listings with only those features will be shown to you.

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4. Sort Results By Price- Finally, Craigslist allows you to search your results via price, which you should do if you’re looking for the most affordable apartments that fall within your budget. If you don’t mind and you want to find the most expensive apartments that fall within your budget, then sort the results by highest priced apartments to lowest priced apartments. Don’t forget to use the feature that lets you choose the minimum amount of rent you want to pay and the maximum because only the listings that fall between those numbers will be shown to you. For example, you can put in $400 per month as the least amount you’d spend and the most being $500, and only apartments that go for between $400-$500 per month will be shown.

Craigslist is a great place to find apartments in 3cre cincinnati. The above tips should help you make the most from using Craigslist. All you have to do now is begin your search by going to Craigslist to find apartments in Cincinnati.