What type of property investment are you wanting to make? Each property you purchase is an investment. There are all types of property investments you can make, too. Perhaps you are buying your first home, a vacation property or a commercial property. Some types of investments generate rental income, and others are bought and held or bought and sold.

When I purchased my first home, it was a fixer upper.

I thought I was going to have it for more than five years, but God had different plans. The next property investment I made was very unique, and it is the one I live in right now. It is a vacation condo right on the beach, and I have been living there for five years. How you will be Choosing Commercial Real Estate In Philadelphia ?

The condo is capable of producing rental income, but it is my full-time residence. I love living there right on the beach. When I first purchased the property, the values of oceanfront condos in the city were at all-time lows. It was a few years after the recession that occurred, and so I was able to buy the unit at a wonderful discount.

Just the other day

I was told about this guy that has had a real estate business for many years. He said he felt led by God to speak to me, and he wanted to talk to me about a business opportunity. I have yet to get to speak with him because it is supposed to happen this next Sunday. I’m pretty sure he wants to talk about property investments. I figure the opportunity won’t apply to me because God already has my life prioritized and organized, and I already run my own business.

However, without knowing what he is going to say, I plan to keep an open mind. The same God who has me prioritized and managing my finances in a different direction is the same one telling him to talk to me. That is what I mean by him saying that he felt led to talk to me.

It will be interesting to see what he has to say. He has a landing strip in his backyard, and he is very well to do. You have to think carefully about property investments because they are major decisions indeed. So plan to research as much as possible if you have property investments to make. Right now, the only property I plan to invest in is the one that I own. Know about commercial property for sale .